Mermaids on a box

Pewter or metal cast trio [ 2-4 cm ]

mermaid trio on box Mertails
This vintage trinket box contains a few deep-sea secrets, ranging from a “fairy dust” pencil holder to a metal cast pendant, and all the adornments that time forgot.

fairy dust pencil holder_145922

pewtar mermaid Mertails


Mermaid earrings

Sterling silver [ 3.5 cm ] Mexico

earrings Mexican 925
These mermaids look like they’re sharing pizza slices, but more likely it’s a conch each Mexican sirena is holding. Hallmark stamp states Mexico TH-54 (or TA-84) 925 and the price tag generously included Sterling. According to this article, the origin of the silversmith may have been Taxco.


Brass mermaid ashtray [ 16 cm ] Cambodia

brass Cambodian mermaid_20150322

This brass or brass-plated vintage mermaid ornament may well be an ashtray with room for three cigarettes, though what ashes have to do with the Suvannamaccha mermaid of Cambodian folklore, I’m not sure!

Mermaid + merman by Chapman + Bengco

“Beneath the Sea Peonies” [ 27 cm ]

Beneath Sea Peonies Aubry Chapman Mertails

This frame-within-a-frame limited edition print depicts mer-youth in pink and green with gold highlights. Next to the merman, the initials “A.C.” and dual dates in the bottom, left-hand corner of the picture:

  • 2008 Jade Navarro Bengco & Aubry Chapman
  • 2007 Beneath the Sea Peonies Jade Bengco, Aubry Chapman